logo design

Can I change my logo after sometimes?

By: Neda NGH

Graphic is a wide world of symbols and signs, but not just symbols and signs make the graphic.
In today’s modern world, you can be introduced to the world through graphic science and continue to work as a credible brand.
A strong brand foundation is based on powerful Logo Design, as the first to start a good brand is having a proper name and logo.
A good logo can briefly and simply represent the brand and its type of activity.
Having a professional website is the next step. To get started, you need a professional logo to introduce yourself to the market.
Remember that your logo is your business identity and will always be like your ID card.
Now the question arises: Can I change my logo after sometimes?
The answer is yes and no.

If one day your brand becomes world famous and after many years of working with the old logo you are thinking of updating your logo, the answer is yes. Like PepsiCo, which changed its logo over the years. But don’t forget that PepsiCo is a company with over 100 years of recognition and reputation. So don’t be in a hurry when designing your logo and give the designer enough time to design your logo.

Let me give you a better example, for example You’re going to have a baby and you have 9 months to choose a good name for your baby, so you will do it with love and patience to give your baby a beautiful identity.
Be the same for your brand. By giving enough time to yourself and your logo designer , first pick the right name and then have a beautiful logo.